Omlet Eglu – the perfect chicken coop

Eglu chicken coop

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We are often asked by our customers why we do not offer chicken coops in our range. Quite simply, we only carry items that we have tested ourselves and found to be good. With regard to chicken coops, there are numerous models on the Internet in all price ranges, but mostly only pretty to look at, they have not convinced us in terms of quality at all.

For us, the perfect chicken coop for small poultry owners is the Omlet Eglu. This is only available directly from the Omlet company in England, so unfortunately we cannot sell it. But we are Omlet ambassadors, that means, we offer you to take a look at the chicken coop live on site and advise you on everything to do with the Eglu. We have the Eglu Go-Up on our company premises and probably also the Eglu Cube in August, each with a run and the Cube also with an electronic door opener including lighting.

But what makes the Omlet Eglu the perfect chicken coop for us? Admittedly, it takes a little getting used to the look, but practice shows:

  • available in 4 variants: Classic, Go, Go-Up, Cube
  • made from 100% recyclable energy efficient polymers, reduces mite infestation
  • smooth, easy to clean plastic surfaces
  • integrated nest, in the Eglu Cube model also with a sliding door partition
  • removable roosting bars
  • removable dropping tray
  • twin-wall insulation similar to double glazing for windows, to protect against heat and cold
  • draught-free ventilation technology ensures fresh air at all times
  • due to the air circulation, no forming of condensed water
  • suitable for up to 10 chickens depending on the size
  • optionally with coop light and automatic chicken door
  • optionally with run made of plastic-coated strong steel weld mesh including fox protection, can be expanded if required
  • optionally with wheels, turns the coop into a mobile chicken house
  • extensive accessories, such as weatherproof covers

Omlet launched the first Eglu chicken coop in 2004. The product has therefore proven itself for several years. In England, it was even seen in the Victoria & Albert Museum. During the 2012 Olympics, it was placed between a Concorde and a Jaguar E-Type – if that’s not a recognition!

Would also like to buy an Eglu coop for your chickens? Contact us by clicking on our ambassador profile*. Then you will receive a voucher code (only available for our customers in Germany.), which you enter when you buy from Omlet and benefit from our special discount. Click here to go to Omlet: Shop