Collar or better harness?

Collar or harness?

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Collar or harness is a controversial topic among dog owners. Some people swear by collars for their dogs, yet many others condemn them and swear by harnesses.

Our wardrobe is filled with various types and styles of collars, harnesses and leads, but our absolute favourites and recommendation for all small dogs are the curli Vest Air-Mesh.

Why? The curli harness fits around the entire chest area, to distribute pressure evenly. The snap hook to attach the lead is stitched crosswise for even weight distribution. Even if your dog pulls on the leash, he can still breathe freely.

To put on the curli harness is a breeze. You open the buckle and let the dog step in, one leg right, one leg left, and close the buckle on the back. No uncomfortably pulling over the head and fiddling around the belly. The air mesh fabric is a combination of breathable material. The fibre between the two fabrics keeps an air pocket for optimal comfort.

To sum it up: no chafing, no pressure marks and rings touching the skin – pure comfort.