Ear Care for dogs

Ear care for dogs - Knowledge

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Some dogs have lop-ears. To prevent infections and dirty ears, cleaning the ears should become part of your grooming program.

Hold the ear up, put a bit of ear cleaner, e.g. Show Techh in each ear to dissolve the ear wax and massage the ears a few minutes gently.

Now wipe the ears with a cotton ball, use a new one for each ear. Please do not use a Q-tip and do not poke down deep to the ear canals! That could injure your dog.

If you dog has a lot of hair growing inside the ears, we recommend to pull them out, so that the air can circulate. Put some ear powder, for example by Bio-Groom, onto the ear hair, hold the ear open with one hand and with the fingers of your other hand pull the hair out. Most dogs don’t mind this, because it does not hurt.