The company Vellus Products Inc., like many of the high-quality dog care brands, is based in the USA, more precisely in Columbus, Ohio. In the US, showing dogs is less a hobby than more a business and therefore it is important for the exhibitors and breeders to present their dogs visually as perfect as possible. This requires exclusive products.

The founder, Sharon Kay Doherty, unfortunately deceased in 2015, was a breeder herself and so dissatisfied with the products available on the market that she, together with her nephew David, a chemist in research for personal care products, developed a grooming series for dogs with valuable ingredients, possibly oil and lanolin free, easy to use and suitable for sensitive dog skin. Vellus Inc. was then founded in 1993.

Vellus is among the favourite care products for handlers and breeders worldwide. Since Vellus maintains a distribution system with very strict exclusive rights, we are very happy that we are able to offer you the products in our shop.

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