The Italian brand Iv San Bernard, based in beautiful Tuscany, was founded in 1995 by Mirco Aringhieri. Many years of experience in the cosmetics industry set the basis for his high quality pet care products. Today, Iv San Bernard is known all over the world and much appreciated by many groomers, breeders and exhibitors.

Together with many experts, Iv San Bernard has now developed over 150 products. From dog shampoo to complete luxury spa equipment. Iv San Bernard does not only rely on the sale of products, but also sets a high value on education and training. What are the best products when you do not know how to use them? Iv San Bernard has several academies, not only in Italy, but also in Spain and Ukraine. In addition, they offer seminars and trainings worldwide.

Our shop is too small to offer you all products, accessories and furniture from Iv San Bernard, so we chose the Linea Tradizionale, Caviar, Black Passion, Mineral Red and Zeolithe for you, with which we ourselves have had very good experience. Quality Made in Italy!