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Magnusson Petfood is a Swedish food manufacturer. The employees there have the ambition to make dog food as healthy and natural as possible. Only Swedish ingredients are used for the production of the dog food.

Magnusson Petfood bakes the dog food. Baking is a slow process, gentle on the raw ingredients, which preserves the natural qualities of the products. In addition, no flavour enhancers are added.

While the protein content of most dry dog food is based on meat flour, the MAGNUSSONs products do not contain any animal flour and only use Swedish meat and eggs instead. As a result, they achieve a high palatability and at the same time good digestibility of the dry food.

Magnusson Petfood produces the dog food with permission and under the supervision of KRAV (Swedish Association for the monitoring of organic raw ingredients). For you as a dog owner, KRAV means that dog food is only made with the best and natural ingredients. No preservatives, synthetic additives, pesticide-treated raw products and / or genetically modified substances may be added according to KRAV regulations.

We only order food directly from Magnusson on customer request and not through any wholesaler, so you benefit from the best possible freshness. The delivery time is extended by about 2-3 days.

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